Choosing to Believe These Words Have Value

I’ve heard several people my age say they don’t have a blog because they don’t know what they would say; they feel like they don’t have anything to write about, nothing to contribute, no words to offer.

At times it makes me question what I do here. Perhaps it is narcissistic of me to be writing these things, the girl who lives in the same city she grew up in, went to college in, and now works in. It feels that way sometimes.

But I’ve heard it said so many times that every story has value, and the moments I believe that’s true for mine as well are the reason these words are here.

I haven’t travelled the world, I haven’t raised seven kids, I haven’t been the CEO of a company. And that’s okay. Those stories are not mine to tell, not right now, possibly not ever. I hope the people who have lived those stories are telling them, so that I and others can learn from them and experience things we may not on our own.

But others telling their stories does not invalidate me telling mine.

One story does not have more value than another.

One LIFE does not have more value than another.

They are different, and different stories serve different purposes for different people at different times.

It doesn’t always feel that way. Sometimes, when there is a large gap in time between these posts, it’s because the doubt is eating me away a little bit and I don’t believe my words have enough value, and I am not courageous enough to click Publish for a moment or an hour or a day.

So I’m telling you right now I don’t have this all figured out.

Maybe it is narcissistic of me to be posting these musings when my stories are not grandiose or heartbreaking or awe-inspiring.

But I’m choosing to believe otherwise.

Maybe I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing by sharing these words, in a way that is smaller than some and bigger than others, but is uniquely mine. And maybe I don’t have to believe that my story has value because of amazing plot turns, but that it has value simply because it is.

Til next time…


p.s. How have you learned that your story has value?


7 thoughts on “Choosing to Believe These Words Have Value

  1. I agree with you that every story has value. Everyone has a story, you just need to get them talking. I think with regard to blogging, people who claim to have nothing to say, really mean that they don’t enjoy writing. I don’t think I know anyone who flat out doesn’t enjoy stories…but some people prefer to write/read, some listening to music, watching a movie…people take in life and express their own lives in different ways.

    1. I definitely agree that people express their stories in different ways–it’s part of what makes life so interesting.
      What I have seen happen, though, is that people aren’t sharing them in any format, and I think it may come from fear that their story doesn’t have value. It’s a difficult lie to overcome.

  2. Keep writing Brianna! Your honest & heartfelt words touch my heart and I’m sure your story resonates with countless others.

  3. …tÄ«ri informācijas konsekvencei: ir pagājis bez pāris dienām gads, un situācija ir tāda – vairs neesmu LSDSP biedrs… ne tik sakarÄ«go ļaužu izrādÄ«jās par daudz, lai izdotos izmainÄ«t partijas kursu – rezultātā liela daļa aktÄ«vistu, pat to, kas ilgus gadus tās rindās pavadÄ«juÅ¡i un kopā pÄojvzÄ«druÅ¡i arÄ« nelāgus laikus, ir 2011. gada pirmajos mÄ“neÅ¡os izstājuÅ¡ies.

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