Whispered Thank You

IMG_20131013_160712_371Sometimes I feel like I cannot possibly contain the beauty of a moment.

A walk through the city, a conversation in a coffee shop, a drive down the highway. It may be in the skilled guitar playing of a song on the radio, in the words of an exceptional book, or the way the sunlight streams through the leaves and seems to illuminate them from within. The possibility of gloriously beautiful moments is absolutely everywhere.

I’ve been trying to find the words to express the sheer joy that wells up within me when I find myself faced with undeniable beauty, but I don’t think I have them. A painting, a book, a song may all attempt to capture beauty in their own way, and even succeed in some small way.

But there are some feelings, some moments, that for whatever reason, strike such a chord of deep beauty within me that I cannot tame them into words.

In those moments, a whispered “Thank you” is all I can manage. It makes me grateful to know the one to whom I am thankful. It’s not a thanks to the guitar for being so finely tuned, or a thanks to the sun for being a ball of gas, or a thanks to the ink for forming the words, or even thanks to the people who sang the song or wrote the poem —it is thanks to the God who put everything into place for this beauty to come to be. 

It’s not that believing in God is a prerequiste to experiencing beauty; but I do think knowing God makes me appreciate it more. When I see the trees looking as though half a rainbow exploded onto them, with their bright reds, oranges, and yellows dominating the branches, I do not offer my thank you in vain.

As I appreciate the beauty, I get to thank the one who makes it beautiful.

Til next time…


p.s. Where have you been overwhelmed by beauty lately?

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