Behind the Words

Hello there, my name is Brianna!

BecomingThere’s something hopeful about the word, like a promise of what will be, is going to be, but isn’t quite yet. Glimmers may be there, but not the whole.”

The Art of Becoming is where I process all the messy and lovely things that make up a life. I wonder in words about what it means to follow God well, and chronicle some of my search to do just that. I’m trying to figure out what it means to be a “grown up,” or if I even want to become one. I wrestle with enjoying life even when it looks different than what you expected, especially in the area of singleness. Hang out with me here as I muddle through life, discovering, questioning, sometimes hemming and hawing over what God seems to have lined up for me next.

Thanks for reading, and til next time…


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