Paralympics 2012…Thanks for Nothing, NBC

A month ago, I wrote about my love for the Olympics.

I think they’re really great, and I was sad when they were over.

Then I remembered that the London 2012 Paralympic Games  started August 29 and run through September 9.

So I started doing some research, looking for when events were going to be on TV so I could watch them. I’ve never watched the Paralympics before, but I was even more into the Olympics this year than in years past, and I was looking forward for a way to continue that excitement.

Except it is much, much more difficult. Because thanks to NBC, there is little to no coverage of the Paralympic Games in the U.S. I found some live streams from the Team USA Paralympics website (if you’re interested in watching), but that’s it.

Really NBC? I realize the Olympics take a significant commitment in regards to manpower and air time, but to not show ANY of the Paralympic Games is disgraceful. These athletes have trained as long and as hard as those in the Olympics, if not more so, yet the network who blew up my news feed and Twitter stream with information about those Games can’t see fit to air even an hour of summary coverage a day.

Admittedly, I haven’t paid much attention to the Paralympics before this year, and for that I feel bad. One of the reasons I love the Olympics is because I find them inspirational; I love to hear the stories of how the athletes got to where they are now. I am sure I would find the stories of Paralympic athletes just as inspirational, if not more so.

From the tiny bit of coverage I saw today, I watched Women’s 100M races. They can run faster than I will ever be able to–and some of them are blind. Oscar Pistorius made history this year by being the first athlete to compete in both the Olympics and the Paralympics. Evan O’Hanlon, featured in the video below, has cerebral palsy, and won gold today in the Men’s 100M.

THESE are the types of people we should be looking up to, who should be household names alongside Michael Phelps and Gabby Douglas, yet NBC is choosing not to tell these stories.

This isn’t a topic I typically write about, but for some reason this time around it upsets me greatly that in the United States, in the year 2012, NBC won’t show the Paralympics. It’s disgusting.

So thanks for nothing, NBC. Instead of watching you, I will find live streams, however sketchy they may be, and get my Paralympics fix that way.

Til next time…