31 Amazing Days

Perhaps you flipped the calendar yesterday, or otherwise acknowledged the beginning of a new month. I wrote about expectations vs. reality, and how this October is shaping up to look differently than I would have predicted in years gone by.

I also made a decision. Took on a self-imposed challenge. And it affects you, in this space.


For the month of October, I will post every. day. To the very best of my ability.


It’s a bit terrifying to put that down in writing–once this is out there, it suddenly becomes more real.

I’m going to warn you right now: Not every post will be pretty. They may be short, not overly eloquent, or a bit too raw at times.

Then again, maybe I’ll surprise myself.


After deciding to post every day, I found out about The 31 Amazing Days Challenge. Being determined to live a life that doesn’t suck sounds like a pretty good goal to me, so here goes my attempt at 31 amazing days of sometimes less-than-amazing writing. It’s inspired by the book This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling, which I haven’t read yet but fully intend to.

For the month of October, I will be forced to be more observant, because to write means first and foremost to observe. It is only by observing that I have anything to say.

So here we go. And I do mean “we,” if you’ll join me. On the right side of the page you can enter your email address to be notified of new posts, or you can just stop by frequently to see what’s up. That’s cool too.

Here’s to living a life that doesn’t suck–and writing about it.


Til next time…