A Heavy Heart and Few Words

There have been many shootings in the United States in my lifetime. Some I was too young to hear about besides in passing. Others have taken place more recently. I hear about them and feel sorrow for the state of the world and my country, that such things have become nearly commonplace.

But this. This is horror on a different level.

Children told to cover their eyes as they walk from their own school.

Parents weeping, going home to see Christmas gifts that will never be given.

Lives ended, innocence shattered.

I have 2 nieces and a nephew, all under the age of 4; for now, and likely for quite some time, my attachment to them is the closest thing I have to being a parent, and it is hardly a comparison at all. Though my love for my nieces and nephew is nowhere near that of a parent for a child, it gives me a new perspective on the horror these parents and families must now live with.

A heavy heart and few words are all I have.

Words often help me begin to understand, to see things differently; but pages and pages of words would only lead me to “Whys?” And that is a question that will never be fully explained in this lifetime.

I know that God is good, God is sovereign, God is loving; these things provide hope, but not all the answers we seek.

Lord, have mercy.


Til next time…