(Un)Happily Single (and everywhere in between)

When I try to explain how I feel about being single, I feel like I often come across wildly inarticulate, hemming and hawing for what seems like an appropriate answer for that person in that situation. The truth is, I often don’t how exactly how I feel about being single–or that I feel so many things about it, I could fill a book.

Photo Credit: Flickr User DGriebeling, Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Flickr User DGriebeling, Creative Commons


If there were a spectrum, with “Happily Single” and “Absolutely Miserably Single” as the two extremes, that’s where I live. Not parked at some stationary point along the spectrum, but literally on it. Every point, at various times, sometimes flying back and forth between the two extremes (and everywhere in between) with dizzying speed–no joke, sometimes in a matter of seconds.

I’m at an event having a great time with my friends, and I’m thinking “Yea, this is awesome! I don’t have to check in with anyone if I end up staying late, my friends are the best, this is the life!” And then I’ll spot a couple doing an average couple-y thing–laughing together at a story, looking for the other across a crowded room, an arm casually around a shoulder–and suddenly I’m lost in “I want that too.”

It probably shouldn’t cause that reaction, I know. Singleness is not a new state for me, and my fight for contentment has been going on for eons–but it’s not one I think I’ll ever completely win when it comes to being single. Being truly content with being single seems perennially just out of reach. Which gets exhausting.

There’s an element of it I think is true no matter what stage of life we’re in–there will always be something we want but can’t have, or don’t have in full the way we’d like–but the particular lonely longing that can come with being single feels especially poignant. As I’ve said before, it was much easier to come up with “5 Reasons Being Single Sucks” than it was to come up with “5 Reasons Being Single Rocks.”

At the same time, overall, my life is quite good. I have a lot of wonderful people in my life, relationships full of support and love and fun and joy, and I never want to minimize those. They are so important, so life-giving for me. It’s freeing to not have to compare schedules with the same person all the time, to be able to do what I went and when I want. My time is my own–which, although I realize can mean I spend it selfishly (and I certainly do at times), it means I can give my time more easily as well.

This is where I live, holding all these complex thoughts and feelings about being single, trying to not idealize (or idolize) marriage, while simultaneously recognizing it is not inherently wrong for me to want to not be single. Even this post can’t adequately summarize all of the swirling, contradictory thoughts I have about it. On any given day (or hour, really), I might feel any, all, or none of the above about being single–and maybe that’s unusual.

So if you’re single, will you tell me–how do you feel about it?

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3 thoughts on “(Un)Happily Single (and everywhere in between)

  1. Thanks for sharing your heart!
    May the Lord show us how beautifully sufficient He is!

    You can read how I feel about it in my blog; Dear Single Friend 🙂


  2. Singleness has def been an uphill battle for me though I dont think its like that for everyone. My family history, romantic past and simply the way Im wired have all played into the challenges Ive had (and still have) being single. That being said I do see the purpose for this season in my life (which helps). God is so unique with His plans for each child, we simply cannot compare our lives. I envied my BFF for 8 years. I coveted every milestone, family xmas card and FB post about her marriage and kid. But I did not covet her walking through divorce. I did not covet the pain and devastation of the fallout of her marriage.

    I think the battle will always be contentment no matter the season. I think its the journey and our story that brings God the most glory before we are given His promises. Because we have to rely on Him to walk out His path (and find contentment and fulfillment).

  3. Hi Brianna! You know if had asked me my thoughts about being single a year ago, I would have a completely different answer that I have today. Let me be the first to say being single (although it may be hard to see right now) has some great perks. You are blessed to have this time in your life to learn about you and what you want and what you deserve out of life. That is an awesome place to be! Trust me cherish these moments.

    I’m sharing with you some words that gave me peace about being single – Be the girl the one you are looking for is looking for. If being a wife is something you want to have as part of your future, be a wife today. Develop the qualities you want to have as a wife. And when the time I comes, your husband will easily fall in love with that person.

    Keep on writing… Your posts are great!

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