When You Love Your Laptop a Little Too Much

It started out like any Saturday. I had a leisurely morning, soaking in the luxury of being able to drink my coffee out of a regular mug while reading a good book. As the time neared for me to leave my house, I brought my laptop back downstairs, a glass of ice water in the other hand, as I’ve done countless times before. Except as I set both of these items down on the coffee table, a careless arm sent my glass flying, spewing water across my keyboard.

Photo Credit: Flickr User John.Karakatsanis, Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Flickr User John.Karakatsanis, Creative Commons

Instantly I was panic-stricken. I ran upstairs to grab a towel to dry off as much of the water as possible, shutting it down properly as I went. I furiously typed out a Facebook status on my phone, begging for help and advice of what to do in a situation such as this. I dumped brown rice on it and left it to sit, hoping for the best.

All it took was a carelessly placed glass of water, and immediately my mind was racing through all the ramifications. There went my hopes of watching episodes of Doctor Who on Sunday, my music choices suddenly became limited to what I have on my phone, and I began mentally checking my bank account to see what I could afford to spend on a replacement should it come to that.

A split second spill, and my disordered priorities became painfully obvious.

This story ends mostly happily–a few days later I turned on my computer to find it mostly back to normal (though missing a few functioning, crucial keys, resulting in this post being typed on my phone). Now that it’s back though, I have to force myself to reexamine my relationship with this chunk of plastic and metal and all that it’s come to mean to me. Listening to music, watching TV shows, and checking Facebook aren’t objectively bad things, so I’m not feeling the need to ditch my laptop completely. But I do need to realize that I sometimes allow these activities to get in the way of other, better ways to spend my time. It just would’ve been nice if it hadn’t taken a glass of water to make me realize it.

Til next time…


p.s. Do you struggle with loving your laptop a little too much?

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