When God is Up To Something

I wish God would clue me in on what he’s up to.

Or, more accurately, if he’s up to something in the way I think he might be, or if maybe I’m reading into things a bit too much in the way I’m prone to do.

Photo Credit: Flickr User richardefreeman, Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Flickr User richardefreeman, Creative Commons

I love bodies of water. I love the calm of water, found in the stillness or even in the waves. I love the ripping, the fluidity, the movement. And this, this whatever I can’t fit into words, is like seeing the movement below the water before ripples break the surface. An ever-so-subtle shift that may become a ripple, and, possibly, grow up to be a wave.

It’s hard to know somtimes though, if the movement you saw beneath the water was a fish or a turtle or just a trick of the light, and maybe the ripples don’t show up and certainly never turn into waves. Those happenings in life that seemed to be building towards something, pointing in the same direction, begin to feel cruel, like they were lying all along and getting your hopes up for the goodness that never came.

Of course, God is always up to something. Maybe it will turn out to be entirely different than I could have imagined, or even what I would have liked.

Or maybe the ripples will soon appear, and then the waves.

Til next time…


p.s. When have you wondered what God was up to?

4 thoughts on “When God is Up To Something

  1. I’ve wondered what God is doing a lot lately. The more I walk into the unknown, the more eager I am to spot glimpses of how He is moving in my life. Sometimes it is hard to see past a certain moment or step, but I’m always excited when I can see!

  2. Yes! I graduated college and I’ve moved home. I’ve gotten the feeling that, it’s not time yet. And I don’t know what that means! If I knew something was going to happen I’d be ok. But I guess that’s what faith is all about.

    1. Michael, I can definitely relate to that feeling. I moved home after graduating from college as well, and I felt like I was in such a holding pattern–that something was coming, but I didn’t know when or what. It can be so frustrating! I hope something happens soon for you, and that in a while you’ll be able see whatever it is God is up to.

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