Packing Light My Own Way (And a Giveaway!)

Packing is something I’ve become quite well acquainted with, having recently moved. Even as I packed, I thought (and wrote) about the idea that Allison Vesterfelt writes about of packing light. Her book Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage released this month. At its core, it’s the story of the trip she and a friend took to visit all 50 states, but it’s much more than that.

In telling her own story, Ally invites you to live your own.

I think one of the best things about packing light is that it will look different for each person. For Ally and her friend Sharaya, it meant literally packing light as they sold nearly everything to pay for their trip, then had to cram their remaining belongings in a car as they drove around the U.S. Packing Light

Right now, having signed a lease for a year and only about 7 months into a job I enjoy, packing light probably does not mean going on a road trip across the country.

And that’s okay.

Road trips are part of other people’s stories, and maybe someday part of mine, but not right now. Packing light is not one-size-fits-all.

In my here and now, packing light my own way is more about the internal than the external. Ally writes:

But maybe the healthiest way to form expectations is to expect less in the specific and more in the general. Just expect amazing scenery, without knowing what it will look like. Don’t try to imagine it, just know it will come. That way, when it comes and it looks different than you expect, you won’t miss it.     -Packing Light, p. 113

Some of the expectations I had for the way my life would go have not been met. I don’t hate my life or feel a deep resentment or bitterness towards God for not letting me have what I wanted when I wanted it, but if I don’t let it go, I could. Left unchecked, my expectations for specific things could become all I see, instead of the goodness of what is.

While getting rid of expectations isn’t as simple as throwing some old clothes into a trash bag, I think the outcome will be much better.

Til next time…


p.s. As a bonus, I have a copy of Packing Light to give away! To be entered to win, leave a comment by Friday, September 6 at 7pm ET and tell me what packing light might look like for you right now. Get a bonus entry by sharing this post on Twitter and mentioning me (@bwitt722).

(I can only ship to U.S. addresses)

3 thoughts on “Packing Light My Own Way (And a Giveaway!)

  1. I think my packing light looks very similar to yours, Brianna: less specific expectations. And I’m always trying to lighten the load of things I own so that the next big move might be a little smaller. The irony of it is, most of my space is taken up by books… 🙂

  2. For myself, packing light means not letting things stress me out. I tend to bottle things up (sometimes it feels like I’m an emotional pressure cooker!) until I’m ready to explode. Lately, I’ve been trying harder to lessen my load by actually talking about things, but seeing as how I’m a natural introvert, that’s not always easy.

    Now, for my grandpa, packing light means he’s running low on pipe tobacco and he’s not cramming it into his pipe as hard as normal.

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