Thoughtless Words

This has been one of my larger gaps in posting since I started this blog. It wasn’t intentional. I’ve worked on posts, even accidentally hit “Publish” so a new, unfinished one was up for about 10 panic-inducing seconds. 199441_4603530291_8849_n

I’ve been thinking about words more than usual lately though. Their power, their use, the responsibility.

Used well, with careful thought, words have the power to bring healing, redemption, love, truth, beauty.


Used carelessly, haphazardly thrown around, words have the power to bring pain, accusations, hate, lies, horror.


As stories of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon spread, words were sometimes used carelessly. Within moments, falsities were spread across the nation and the world. It is a reminder of the importance of journalistic integrity, but it is so much more.


Words have power.


In a digitally-saturated world, we use words perhaps more than ever before–emails, texts, Facebook posts, tweets, and all that in addition to the ones we speak. Yet though our usage of words has increased, our thoughtfulness about them seemingly has not. Sometimes I look back at the words I have used and wonder what I was thinking, only to realize that’s the problem–I wasn’t thinking about them nearly enough, if at all.

Words are a gift and a  responsibility, one that we must use well. And sometimes, the wisest thing to do is to not use them at all.

Til next time…


p.s. How much do you think about the words you use?


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