Top Posts of 2012

Oh 2012. It’s been an interesting year, one that’s included a lot more writing and blog posts than I may have planned at the beginning of the year. So if you’re reading this, and if you’ve read anything else this year, thank you for taking the time to read these words. Truly.

In September, I had the privilege of having my piece Facebook Envy published on Relevant Magazine. It was unexpected (I found out about it as I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, and when I saw the title was instantly dismayed that someone had written about the exact same thing I did–until I clicked on it and realized it was mine) and thrilling.

So today, I offer my top 7 posts of 2012. Why 7? Because 10 seems like a lot, but I’m too attached to some posts to do 5. In no particular order, my top 7:


“Single,” Not “Incomplete”: “Why is there often a subtle implication that we are incomplete until we can answer the question, ‘How did you meet your spouse?'”

Me and Maslow: Thoughts of a Recent College Graduate: “Though in general I consider myself a fairly happy, well-adjusted, confident individual, I’m just not solid enough in my place in level 3 to concentrate too much on levels 4 and 5.”

My Student Loans Are Teaching Me About Jesus: “Jesus will not be paying off my loans, but he has paid off something much greater than money.”

Dear Me: “Even when things suck, God is at work. You might not always see it, but I’ve seen things you won’t know when you’re in the thick of a mess.”

I Listen to Mumford and Sons (And This is Why): “I listen to Mumford and Sons because they sing what my soul cannot.”

Shoving Strangers at Starbucks: “I wanted to shove her off her stool. Because my current reality is vastly different from hers.”

Deleting Home: “‘Home’ is not a number in my cell phone; I know that.”


And a few I just happen to quite like…

My One Direction Confession: “Listening to One Direction doesn’t cancel out the 4 years I spent getting a degree in Bible and Theology, something I take seriously and intend to continue to study, even if only ever outside the classroom, for the rest of my life.”

Inadequate: “But if I have learned anything from Bible stories, my own story, and the stories of those around me, it is that God uses broken people. People who feel inadequate, overwhelmed, and like there is no possible way they could ever do what God has asked them to.”

Unchanging: “I think it’s one of the parts of Christianity that appeals to me–these are not new teachings, created by someone in my lifetime or not much before it.”

Okay With Cliché: “And I’m not sorry for being a little sad. I’m not sorry for being a little cliché, in that I will probably eat chocolate, maybe watch a chick flick, and yes, possibly cry a bit.”


Again, thanks for reading.

Til next time…


p.s. What were some of your favorite posts you’ve read around the Internet this year?


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