Things That Don’t Belong on Pedestals: Relationships

Every few weeks I write a little sermon recap blurb for my church. When I saw the topic of the sermon for today, I chuckled a bit.


Figures, I thought to myself, that this topic for the Monday Encounter would fall to the single girl instead of the married lady. You’re a funny one, God, I thought.

The text, from I Corinthians 7:29-31, TNIV, read, “What I mean, brothers and sisters, is that the time is short. From now on those who are married should live as if they were not…”

“Nailed it!” I whispered to my friends on either side of me. Living as though I’m not married? Check! This relationship sermon was clearly meant for someone else.

Except, as is nearly always the case when I begin to think a sermon isn’t for me…it definitely was.

Verse 31: “…those who use the things of the world, as if not engrossed in them. For this world in its present form is passing away.”

Relationships between humans, no matter what form they take, are things of this world. Though they can be good and pleasing to God, they are not the ultimate aim of this world.

No earthly thing should be. No relationship should be put on a pedestal.

Or, in my case, the nonexistent relationship I’d quite like. I don’t have a boyfriend or fiance or husband, so there’s currently no danger of putting him on a pedestal. The place I’d like him to be though? The relationship I’d like to be in?

That sometimes ends up on a pedestal.

Rationally, I know being in a romantic relationship wouldn’t fix my problems; in ways, it would even add to some of them. However, I am not always known for my rational thinking, and as my save the date cards and wedding invitations pile up, it can be difficult to remember. Clearly romantic relationships are doing good things for other people, but not me right now?

It can be hard to accept this, to remember that there is some good, some purpose being worked out that I don’t have sight of right now.

So that void, that empty “guest” line on my invitations, it gets put where it does not belong–on a pedestal, above the other relationship I should be seeking first.

I am reminded in Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…”

THAT is the only thing I should be placing on a pedestal. Not any relationship or lack thereof.

One common phrase that gets tossed around to Christians who are single is, “This is time to focus on God. Once you put God first, he’ll bring someone along for you.” The sentiment behind this may be well-intended, but it is often hurtful, and furthermore, something that should be said to  all Christians at all times.

Put God first.

Nothing in life belongs on a pedestal except a relationship with him.


Til next time…



p.s. Have you ever put a relationship or lack thereof on a pedestal? What does putting God first look like?


4 thoughts on “Things That Don’t Belong on Pedestals: Relationships

  1. Embarrassingly enough I remember the many times I put “lack thereof” on a pedestal. I can look back and see how life would have been easier and nicer if I just enjoyed the moment and what God had given me: friendship, family, and his own love.

    1. Things are always clearer in reverse, aren’t they? =) It’s a continual process of learning to be content where I’m at and making sure my priorities are straight, and some days I’m much better at it than others. Thanks for stopping by!

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