My Christianity is Better Than Yours

Let’s clear something up right away: I don’t actually believe my Christianity is better than yours.

But occasionally I might think it. Or act like it.

It’s easy for me to excuse–“I’m just used to doing things the same way I was raised.” “I believe that doctrine and theology are important.” “I’m not good with change.”

None of these things give me a right to think, act, or believe like my Christianity is somehow superior to yours. They might be different, in terms of how we worship, how we experience God, the way that we interact with people, what we believe about baptism and communion and any number of things.

But that doesn’t make one solidly right and the other solidly wrong.

Different is not wrong.

I feel I must be careful here, though. Over the years, Christianity has been misrepresented, distorted, and misused. In some cases, I believe actions done in the name of Christianity, or teachings twisted to say what someone wants them to instead of what the Bible teaches, are wrong in a black and white sense. But they’re not wrong because they’re different than what I do; they’re wrong because they go against what God wants for people who follow him.

My hesitancy rarely regards issues as big as those, however. When I hear or read of someone experiencing God or worshiping him in a dramatically different way than I am used to, my first instinct is to question it. Is that really how God wants his people to be praising, or gathering, or dancing, or singing, or writing?

Maybe it is.

Or maybe, what it really comes down to, is that people are different, and God created them that way. Doctrinally, we may believe the same things, but we may have very different ways of expressing it. The instruments used in our worship services may be different, or the way the leadership of the church is or isn’t organized, or the volume at which we speak our prayers.

It is not up to me to question the validity of a certain way of expressing belief. 

It may not be something I am comfortable or familiar with, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

Til next time…


p.s. Thoughts? Drop a comment.

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