Waving at Decision

Some decisions have to be made. I’ve written about those kind before, over here.

Other decisions are not so necessary. They do not sit in front of us, blocking our path to wherever we’re headed next.

Instead, they sit off to the side, easily going unnoticed for long stretches of time. Occasionally they may remind us of their presence with a casual wave, but mostly they are content to sit. Wait. Twiddle their thumbs.

Their mere nagging presence may be enough to spur you into dealing with them, but not always.

Not for me, anyway.

The decisions I put to the side tend to be somewhat important, but not necessarily urgent. They are the type that need time, pondering, praying, and discussing. Even then, they may not be clear. So I ignore them.

They will likely catch up with me, though I don’t know when or how that will be.

But I struggle with where to even begin making big decisions, especially if they’re ones that maybe don’t even need to be made to continue living my life the way that it is. Maybe they’re decisions I’m not even supposed to be dealing with at this point in my life, but once the thought is in my head it is difficult to completely shake it out.


Instead I push it to the side, and throw it a friendly wave occasionally.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll deal with you, I say.

Or next week.

Or maybe some new decision will come along, something more urgent, that will remove you from even the edges of my mind.

Until then, I will continue to glance at you occasionally, not sure how to deal with you as you should be.


Til next time…



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