Unrealistic Expectations for Awesome

The idea of 31 consecutive Amazing Days is an appealing one.

But it might be a bit unrealistic.


Can each day out of 31 have at least one amazing moment? Yes.

But one amazing moment may not be enough to turn a whole day amazing.


Sometimes things happen that are completely out of our control, and people are often quick to throw around reminders that though we can’t control our circumstances, we can control our attitude towards those circumstances, and that God has a plan for everything.


But that doesn’t change the reality that sometimes things happen that, for lack of a better word, suck. To pretend they do something other than suck does everyone a disservice.

Acknowledging that something sucks doesn’t mean we fail to remember that good things can come from bad, or that there is a greater plan at work in and through it all. It’s calling a spade a spade, acknowledging that there are things we do not understand and that usher in a new (or continuing) wave of uncertainty.

We are never immune to uncertainty.


We should also never allow ourselves to become completely immune to the possibility of awesome, even in uncertainty. Even if only for a moment.


Til next time…



5 thoughts on “Unrealistic Expectations for Awesome

  1. I agree that sometimes it’s hard to see a “bigger plan” in the middle of suffering. Finding something “awesome” in those times is almost impossible I think.

    However, I’m sharing this awesome video around, and if you have the time to watch it, I’d love to hear what you thought:

    1. Good point, Adam. There’s definitely overlap of the two–I’ve learned huge lessons from things in my life that, at the time, totally sucked.

      Thanks so much for reading! Feel free to drop by any time during October as I continue to write for these 31 Amazing Days!

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