Chalk it up to Coincidence

A conversation with a friend.

A tweet.

A sermon.

An article.

A Bible passage.

How much do I chalk up to coincidence?

My Christian beliefs, and perhaps something innate in who I am, prevent me from believing entirely in the idea of coincidence. Since I believe that God has planned, orchestrated, and knows even the smallest pieces of my life, it’s hard for me to brush off a message I have heard in numerous places in a short span of time. Perhaps equally hard is determining what the combination of all of them is really telling me. Even if I manage that, is it really something God is trying to teach me, or am I just trying to force together pieces of a puzzle that doesn’t exist?

Or am I simply trying to hear what I want to hear?

Til next time…


3 thoughts on “Chalk it up to Coincidence

  1. I’ve had similar thoughts, and personally, I’ve learned to chalk basically all of it up to coincidence. I don’t believe we should go through life thinking everything is an “omen.” I think you can drive yourself totally crazy doing that. 🙂 Nice post, I’ll be back.

    1. I like the way you say it–“You can drive yourself totally crazy doing that.” It’s definitely true, and I’ve nearly done it sometimes! Thanks for stopping by.

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