The Political Post I Thought I’d Never Write

In less than two months, a U.S. presidential election will take place.

And I’m already sick beyond words of all the talk about it.

I’m not going to attempt to make political statements for or against either candidate–I’m not nearly knowledgeable enough about the issues, parties, and platforms to comment on such things.

Instead, this is a list of a few things I do know:

  • Neither candidate is perfect. Whoever wins will be the leader of a country that has a lot of problems, though I do not think it is a hopeless one.
  • Thanks to Obama’s health care plan, I still have insurance. If his plan hadn’t gone through, at least in part, I would be uninsured right now; instead (as far as I understand things anyway), my dad’s insurance plan is required to cover me until I am 26. With all the uncertainty in my life, not having to worry about health insurance for the time being is a blessing.
  • I have student loans that are owned by the government. I don’t know if laws that may get passed in the future will affect my existing ones, but the possibility that they might makes me a bit nervous.
  • Voting is a privilege, one that was denied to too many people in this country for far too long, and that is still denied to many around the world. On November 6, I will exercise my right to vote.
  • Before then, I will take the time to research the candidates, issues, parties, and proposals that will appear on my ballot. When I go to the polls, I will do so as an informed voter.

But that does not mean I am required to enjoy it.

It’s hard for me to get excited about politics when I feel like I can’t completely win with either side. At the same time, I believe that ignoring the election isn’t the right choice either. Though it often feels like the government’s decisions don’t affect me directly, there are times when they do, and their decisions certainly affect other people around me. It seems that if I desire to be a responsible citizen who cares about my neighbor, I had better fill out a ballot.

More importantly, if I desire to be a responsible Christian citizen who cares about my neighbor, I had better fill out a ballot. But that’s a topic for another day.

Til next time…


(I acknowledge my political knowledge is not what it could be, and these matters can be fairly controversial. Feel free to leave a thought in the comments. Also, for a more in-depth article on this topic, read “What’s the Point of Politics?”  on Relevant Magazine–you may have to sign up for an account to read the full article.)

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