Back to School

On Thursday, I am going back to school.

No, they have not revoked my diploma; I will not going back to school as a student.

I’ll be on the other side of the learning process, at the front (or probably kind of the side) of the classroom, as a teaching assistant.

My job description, at least when it comes to actual time in the classroom, is still in flux. The two classes I will be involved in are English classes, so some days perhaps I will be answering questions, helping students research or structure papers, or clarifying assignments. Outside the classroom, I will likely be reading and grading assignments and papers.

It will be a strange spot to be in; no longer a student, but a slightly undefined position. My college (in my head it is still mine; it will always be mine) has, at least not to my knowledge, never had someone doing exactly the same thing I will be doing. There is no one I can ask as to exactly how this position works.

So, like many things in my life right now, I find myself in an odd spot. An uncertain, middle type of zone. Growing up, in that I am a graduate of the school, yet not gone. I am still friends with many students, and I want to see them and spend time with them when I am on campus. I also don’t want to overstep whatever invisible boundaries may be in place, knowing that there is a difference between my friends who are still students and the students in my classroom. (Though that feels strange to say–it isn’t really my classroom)

I have lost track of the amount of times I have used the word “uncertainty” in posts over the past few months, yet it fits here again. Still. It never stopped.

Back to school I go.

Til next time…



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