To Write

I like writing.

It helps clear my head, allows me to process things as I slow down enough to write them out, and gives me a way to (sometimes) eloquently express thoughts that may not make much sense in my head. Occasionally, I might be able to put into words what others may be thinking or feeling but cannot express, and that’s pretty neat.

With the copious amounts of free time I’ve had this summer, you’d think I would have done a lot of writing.

I tried.

I thought about it.

I checked my Facebook.

I read blogs and articles and books, under the guise of “researching good writing.”

I looked at my computer screen a lot.

But I didn’t actually WRITE much at all.

It’s not that everything I did while trying to write was unproductive; to write well, it’s important to read good writing.

The next step of “actually writing” is just what I didn’t quite get around to.

“Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few things, you’re doomed.” ~Ray   Bradbury

Good words, sir Bradbury.

I’m tempted to make excuses for why I haven’t been writing.

“Inspiration isn’t striking.”

“Other people have taken all the good topics already.” (This is what tends to happen when I read blogs for too long. Not good.)

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Which are all lame excuses.

So I should probably stop making them, huh?


Thanks for reading this pep talk to myself.

Til next time…



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