Saturday Evening Blog Post

It’s not a Saturday–I know.

And if you look over here,  to The Saturday Evening Blog Post, you’ll see that this was supposed to be done the first Saturday of July.

It’s now July 17.

But I just found it, so I’m deciding to participate. To take a step into the world beyond this page, into blogland. These days I’ve had more than my fair share of spare time, so I’ve spent some of it reading blogs and articles I’ve found in various places.

There are a LOT of really, really talented writers out there in Internetville, writing about experiences I know nothing about in ways that make me want to cry or laugh or both. They use words beautifully, poetically, masterfully.

Which is all well and good, until I fall into that ugly comparison game like I am so apt to do. Doubt appears, and I wonder why I even bother.

Then I write, and I am reminded–because this is what I cannot NOT do. Maybe that’s reason enough.

Til next time…


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