Full House

Yesterday, my sister, brother-in-law, two nieces (ages 3 and 18 months), and their dog moved into my parents’ house.

Which, as you may recall, is where I also live.

The most people this house has ever been home to is 5. And a cat.

Now it will be 7. And a dog.

It’s a temporary situation as my sister and brother-in-law look for a new house, but an end date is currently unknown. Interesting times ahead, to be sure.

I can’t help but be reminded of the 90’s sitcom Full House, though our situation isn’t exactly the same. But with 4 more people (and a dog), the house somehow feels fuller already.

Being the youngest child, a lot of this is new for me. I’ve never had anyone younger than me, and suddenly there are 2 small girls around. Laughing, playing, crying, running, knocking on my door, asking me what I’m doing. I’m trying to appreciate the opportunity that this is–not many aunts get to kiss their nieces good night every night for weeks on end, or be greeted by such cute faces when they get home from work.

As with much of my life these past few months, this situation was not what I was expecting. It probably wasn’t what any of us were expecting. But, for a while anyway, this is our reality. A very full house.

(though hopefully better dressed than the family to the right)

Til next time…



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