That’s Pretty Neat

A while back I had my first piece published somewhere other than this blog. I realized I never posted the article here. Unbound Magazine “is a collection of written and creative work born in the hearts and minds of people who are passionate about the cause of freedom.” It is a project of Michigan Abolitionist Project. (At the time of posting, their website is under construction, so check back in the following weeks for more information)


“It Starts With Us”

There are many things wrong with this world. It does not take hours of scanning CNN to find stories of murder, slavery, homelessness, poverty, and injustice. Stories of joy and hope are difficult, sometimes even impossible, to find on major news sources.

Pointing fingers comes easily. Murder? It is the murder’s fault, of course. Slavery? The problem lies in the hearts of those who enslave others; and so on and so forth. We point fingers at individual people or maybe groups, ones with skewed values and a misunderstanding of what it means to value fellow human beings.

When it comes to slavery, we blame society’s devaluing of human beings and sex. We blame hard hearts, inability to love and be loved, and those who turn a blind eye to a problem that may be directly in front of them.

Maybe the problem is not so easy to find though. Or rather, it is TOO easy to find, yet hard to recognize…and even harder to admit.

Because what if the problem is me? And you? My mother, your best friend, the barista with the friendly smile? What if we’re the ones to blame, at least in part, for the millions of people enslaved all over the world?

To read the rest of the article, click here. My piece starts on page 9.


Who knows…maybe this is the beginning of my writing cropping up in other places. Time will tell. =) Even if it doesn’t, at least this one ended up somewhere else. So that’s pretty neat.

Til next time…


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