Mantras of an Almost College Graduate

A week from now, I’ll be a college graduate.

These are the things I must remind myself of:



Do not worry, do not fear.

Things will be okay; just maybe a different “okay” than I would have planned.

Endings make way for new beginnings.

It is okay to mourn things that have value.

I have been called by name; for 4 years to Kuyper College, and now to something else.

This is not the end, there is more to be written.

I must learn to let go, and to hold on…and to know when to do which.

There is beauty, and possibility in the unknown.

Adventure awaits.

My future is held in hands much bigger and more capable than my own.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord…



These are the things I must repeat like mantras; that must play on a near-continual loop in the record player of my mind.



Til next time…



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