Found Love

I recently found a stash of old notes and cards. Some were from family, friends, coworkers. The words spelled out happy birthday wishes, thank yous, holiday greetings, and general well-wishings and encouragement. There was so much more than those messages though.

Between the lines, love.





I have been incredibly blessed in this life of mine to be surrounded by wonderful people who have taken the time to write me lovely words. Daily I come in contact with people who genuinely care about me and have invested in my life, and it is such a gift.

Also this week I interviewed for, and ended up getting, an internship at a place I’ve been wanting to intern at literally for years. “Excited” hardly does justice to what I was feeling when I found out. Yet, in my excitement, there was the temptation to take credit for it. But really, I can’t. Yes, I sent them my resume and went to the interview, but considering how much I procrastinated on starting the process, I probably shouldn’t have gotten the internship.

Fortunately for me, I know God had this planned out ahead of time for me. This blessing of an internship that I think I’ll learn a lot from and probably enjoy, it is a gift. A gift born out of the love God has for me.

That’s a pretty big deal.

The biggest, actually.

So, right now, at least for a few moments, I am able to be grateful for this found love. Found and experienced in different ways this week than in ones past, but found all the same.

Love love love.

Til next time…


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