It feels oddly fitting that I should be writing a review of a book about lament while listening to Christmas music. This season of Advent that we’re in is all about waiting. Waiting for Christmas day, but for something so much bigger than that–waiting for Jesus to be born, to be the Savior.

Waiting for hope.



I see important ties to lament in those things. Lament, to mourn and process and grieve the loss of something, has much of the same waiting feeling as Advent. Waiting for hope, redemption, and peace in the midst of pain. Waiting for answers, knowing they may never come. Waiting for the right words to say, and realizing the ones you have may have to be enough.

Hope exists for things we do not yet have. So in Advent, we wait and hope for Jesus. He has already come, but not fully. We wait for the day when everything will be right again, the way it’s supposed to be, whole and correct. Although we wish for these things in the here and now, it is only because we lack them that we dare to hope.

So in Advent, we wait.

Til next time…


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