Living in the Eye

“The eye is a region of mostly calm weather found at the center of strong tropical cyclones…It is surrounded by the eyewall, a ring of towering thunderstorms where the most severe weather of a cyclone occurs.”  ~”Eye (cyclone)” on Wikipedia

Life is a mess. It is chaotic, busy, ugly, terrible…and lovely. Beautiful, fun, joyous, happy…and difficult.

All at the same time.

It is a storm. Things fly at us from all sides, taking all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. To try to ignore the storm is silly. Although we may be able to do so for a while, the winds will eventually hit. Rain will splatter us and drip from our noses. Thunder will fill our ears and hearts.

Fortunately, there is the eye. The place in a center of a cyclone of “mostly calm weather.” Respite, solace, peace from the chaos…but within view of it at the same time.

How do we live life in the eye of the storm?

How do I learn to soak in the peace, all the while knowing that within reach there is chaos and pain and brokenness?

To allow myself to find solace and hope in a God who is greater than I, who will keep the storm from overwhelming me?

I’m not suggesting we should ignore the bad parts of the world. As a lover and follower of God, it is my calling TO care for those parts. But to dwell on them, let them suck me into their swirling vortex of pain and misery…I don’t think I’m called to live there either. There must be some sort of balance of learning to live in the comfort of knowing the storm is held at bay, while recognizing its existence.

So this is where I am. Knowing the eye exists, but somewhat unsure of how to get there. Of how to STAY there, and abide there. A phrase that has run through my head of late is only one example of my desire for the eye. “I long for peace to my toes.”

Thus go I, in search of the eye. Not in vain hope of its existence, because I know that it’s there…but in search of my path there, even if only for a brief time at first.

Til next time…


P.S. (Yea, I used Wikipedia as a source. Woops.)

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