Well Played, God

Once upon a time, real recently in fact, (this evening, if I’m being honest) I decided I just didn’t feel like doing some reading for a class. Then, I turned out to have a few spare moments, and since I didn’t really have anything better to do, I figured I’d give it a go.

Well played, God. Well played indeed.

Within the first two pages I underlined several things that feel very fitting right now, and in a variety of ways. I think they’re fairly relevant to pretty much everyone, nearly all the time.

Because life is fraught with uncertainty. We start out down a path, not able to see the end or maybe even the spot where our foot will fall next. Sure, I started college 4 years ago, but there was no guarantee I’d be back at the same school the next year, or even the next semester. There are countless uncertainties between here and the end of this school year. I’m on track to graduate, but who knows what may happen?

God does, thankfully.

He also knows when doing my homework will not only help me be a better student, but be a better person. (Funny how that is.)

These lines seem especially relevant:

“No one is more creative, more surprising, more involved in our lives than the Lord.

“We ought not to wait around for the perfect knowledge of God’s plans for us.

“I now realize–even though I have difficulty accepting it–that I am called with other believers to a lifelong adventure with God.” ~Here I Am, by Quentin Schultze

That last one especially…I don’t think it’s absurd, or even surprising, that embracing uncertainty is difficult. Adventures are full of all sorts of good, bad, ugly, beautiful things, and it can be scary to accept the bad and ugly along with the good and beautiful. Fortunately, I don’t go it alone, and in that there is much peace.


And I wasn’t even going to read it.

Til next time…



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