Thoughts on Thoughts

I feel like my mind is too full.

Many times in the past week or so I’ve almost written a post, then…not. With so much jostling around in my brain, I’m not even sure what to settle on.

It’d be great to be able to take some thoughts out and store them in, oh, a nice decorative Mason jar maybe. A glass bowl? Wine glass? Something that’s not my head, at least for a little while. Perhaps with the extra space I could sleep more easily, or concentrate fully on one specific thing at a time. At the very least, it’d give my thoughts a break from each other, a rest from bumping around and rubbing off on each other in the space somewhere behind my eyes where thoughts reside.

Unfortunately, I”m not aware of any realistic way of doing just that. All my thoughts are stuck with each other, and I with them.

Not that they’re all thoughts I want to avoid. Many of them are quite pleasant, but they’re just so…LOUD. Putting a pillow over my head might give me a brief respite from the loud neighbors upstairs, but from the footprints of my thoughts…no such luck. It’s me and them, all the time.

Guess I’d better make friends with em. =)

Til next time…


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