Toilet Paper.

Toilet paper has been on my mind of late.

Odd, I know.

However, I recently moved into an apartment where providing toilet paper is the responsibility of me and my roommates, as opposed to the responsibility of my parents and my school in my former dwellings.

And really, toilet paper is annoying. Without getting graphic, it’s a one time use thing, and at least in this country, it’s kind of unavoidable. Sure, we can buy the cheap brands, (but then you end up using twice as much anyway), but it’s not really an option to NOT buy it. Although the phrase is over-used, it really is a necessary evil. Not evil by nature, but evil in that it is frustrating, unavoidable, and basically a money sucker.

It got me thinking. (Yes, toilet paper. Got me thinking.) There are many things in life that we can’t avoid, and some of them are frustrating. So pretty much, we’re left with 2 options. We can either deal with those irritating things and learn to get on with our lives, or we can get angry, bitter, frustrated, and turn into Debbie Downers (no offense intended to anyone bearing the name Debbie, I’m sure there are many lovely Debbies) that grumble and complain about every little thing.

Like toilet paper.

Personally, I don’t want to be a grumbler and complainer. Those types of people are not real fun to be around most of the time. I have much better things to do with my time than use it on griping about things I cannot change.

Therefore, I will buy my toilet paper, maybe not with a smile on my face, but at least without a grumble issuing forth from it.

Til next time…



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