The Big Five-Oh

50 posts. 10,000 words or more. Countless thoughts.

When I started this blog, pretty much the only rule I gave myself was, “Write when you feel like it, and don’t apologize for it when you don’t.” For the most part I’ve kept to that. If anything, there have been times when I wanted to write but simply couldn’t find the time, or wasn’t around my computer. Had I written every post I’ve thought of I’m sure I’d have at least 100. There have been times when I haven’t written for over a week, and very nearly apologized, but stopped myself. Selfish though it may be, I don’t write for others’ benefit as much as for my own.

I discovered the “Site Stats” feature far too early in this blogging adventure. Nearly obsessively after I post something new I check to see if anyone has read it, and although it gives me a number, it will never tell me names. That’s probably a good thing anyway. Though I try to prevent myself from addressing certain people or groups on here, I have to confess that it happens. You might not even notice. Your name may be woven throughout a post or two, and you have no idea. Usually I can’t help but write from where I’m at, although it’s usually in vague terms. I don’t know that there’s a way I could stop, and if I did, this blog might have an identity crisis. (Although I do try to let myself write about pretty much whatever I want…it just usually ends up being thoughty things. Guess that’s just how I roll. Thoughtfully.)

So here I am, at 50 posts, thinking I should be saying something truly profound at this point. But I’m probably not going to. I am, however, going to keep on typing. Maybe I’ll see you at 100, 150, or…who knows.

In the words of my favorite space ranger, that oh-so-wonderful Buzz Lighter…

To infinity, and beyond!

Til next time…


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