Funny How They Do

I’m sitting in my new apartment. We’ve been here less than a week, and as I sit here, it’s a bit stuffy in here. Outside it’s fairly warm, but we haven’t bothered to turn on the air conditioning, so my skin sticks a little bit to the leather of this couch.

As I sit, I’m still kind of dazed that I’m here. Along the path to apartmentland there were bunches of things that could’ve gone wrong, thrown us completely off track and landed the 4 of us living who knows where else. Even now that we’re here wrinkles pop up, of not getting our rent bill before it’s due and not knowing exactly how we’re going to get Internet set up or what we’ll do when we all need to be somewhere at the same time and we all need to shower.

But life goes on. We’ve figured out a lot of things we didn’t really know how to do, and I’m sure we’ll continue to do so. Living other places would’ve been easier, but we didn’t. Maybe by the time our lease is up we’ll be regretting ever signing it, wish we could turn back time and make a different decision. (But I don’t really think that will come true.)

For a while I never expected this to work out.

It’s not the first time I’ve done this. Sometimes it seems like the odds are just stacked against something, and whatever the “something” is just isn’t going to work out. Yet when they do, it can be pretty great. Surprising. Exciting. Hopeful.

In these words from the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”:


It’s funny how things don’t work out.

It’s funny how they do.


Til next time…


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