Ramona Summer

When I was younger, I enjoyed reading Beverly Cleary’s books about a girl named Ramona Quimby. I was always a bit jealous of her and the way she and her friends got to spend their summer days playing outside, walking to each other’s houses, riding bikes, making mischief, and the like. Growing up, I didn’t have many friends who lived in the area, so it wasn’t feasible to do such things.

My summer is nearly over. It turned out to be much busier than I anticipated, but in a mostly good way. Finally, at 21 years of age, I got my Ramona summer. Days and evenings were packed with hanging out with friends, so much so that it was a bit overwhelming at times. Friends who had never really spent much time together converged and became this awesomely chaotic intermingled group.

There are differences, of course. My friends and I have cars and driver’s licenses, we go to movies and malls and camping instead of riding bikes or jumping rope, but the sentiment is the same.

Good people. Good times. Fantastic memories.

In ways this summer burned me out a little bit. I didn’t take many vacations, and the ones I did didn’t involve nearly as much sitting around and reading as I would have liked. As is unfortunately necessary, I worked quite a bit in order to afford school and my apartment. (We JUST moved in…so exciting!) Relaxation wasn’t what this summer turned out to be about.

I think I’m ok with that though. Next summer I might have a real job, and  some of my friends may be moving away for jobs or whatever else. In many ways it was my last summer not as a full-blown adult…good thing I got to feel like Ramona at last. =)

Til next time…



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