Unexpected Beauty

Rarely have I been so entirely unsure of an outcome. Unsure of what to even begin to imagine.

An active imagination like mine lends itself to dreaming up many possible ways any given situation might end up. In the past I have both blissfully and heartbreakingly wrong, so to not have any feeling, one way or the other, is odd. A bit alarming, even.

A situation was recently brought to my attention that could have a multitude of outcomes. If I were to make a diagram of possibilities, it would snake off in all directions, with any number of middles and endings. When I think of some of them, there is not one that jumps to my mind of, “This is what I want to happen.” Every one of them has things will that will be fantastic, and things that will…well, kind of suck. Although the thing in itself is not so huge, the implications are much larger.

There’s an odd bit of beauty here. Unexpected, that I should be able to appreciate not being able to see the end, or even the beginning or middle. Less to worry about, in a way…not one specific thing that might go awry, but so many that there’s really no use in even thinking about it.

Thus, I find myself grateful yet again that it is held in hands much larger and more capable than my own.

Til next time…


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