Internet Oddity

Blogs are weird.

The Internet, in general, is weird.

Distance is crossed with keystrokes and mouse clicks, each letter capable of lapping up miles and miles of distance. Friendships are formed between people who have never met face to face and probably never will. Comments and sound bites get exchanged, creating smiles and breaking hearts.

My own foray into blogland has inspired me to check out others’ journeys. Often complete strangers, I have found a boy who filled my eyes with tears with his heartbreaking poignancy,  a girl who makes ordinary events into laughable reading, people who share fears and stresses and thoughts with the Internet world as though they were best friends. It’s fascinating, and a bit creepy at times. It feels odd to read posts of people I will see again, knowing that when I talk to them I will have all this extra knowledge of them that I didn’t gain firsthand. Granted, one of the most basic rules of the Internet is, “If you don’t want people to know it, don’t post it,” but some people seem to forget that, or just don’t care.

It takes a strange sort of bravery to throw things out on the Internet. Although soon after starting my WordPress blog I discovered the “Site Stats” feature, enabling me to see how many people have visited, it doesn’t tell me WHO visits here. I’ve stumbled upon some pretty random blogs in my surfing, and maybe that happens here. There’s just no way to know.

That’s part of the excitement though. Maybe these words will never get read, or maybe they’ll get read and shared by some random person in another state or country that I will never know. Once they’re out of my fingers and on the screen, it’s nearly impossible to know how little or how much they will travel. Not that I overestimate the scope of my blog, that is…I realize it’s mostly people I know reading this, but it’s odd, because I never know who reads what.

I realize the slight irony of this, seeing as this is a blog post about how weird blogs are. What better medium to ponder its oddities though than the medium itself?

Til next time…


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