Busy, busy, busy.

For some reason I thought that summer, with a nearly full-time job, a slew of friends to hang out with, family to spend time with, books to be read, movies to be watched…would be less busy.


It’s a different kind of busy, of course. I’d much rather be plotting time to hang out with friends than to write a paper or study for a test. As far as busy goes, it’s a fairly enjoyable kind.

But busy is only enjoyable to an extent. My days feel quite packed, and although it keeps me smiling, it also keeps me a bit tired. School starts sooner than I’d like to deal with, and I’m wondering…where did my rest go? So much hustlebustle there’s not even time for a proper space between the words. Next year at this time, Lord willing, I might have a real job, when I can kiss random days off just cause I feel like it goodbye.

A professor once said, referring to college, “This is the least busy time of your lives.” Looking at my planner, full of jobs and class and friends and other activities, I thought he must be wrong.

I’m beginning to think he wasn’t.

Til next time…


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