The Key of Communicating

Communication is key, or so they say. (whoever the elusive “they” people refer to is anyway) Seeing as it is my major, and one of my five strengths according to StrengthsFinder, I happen to think “they” are very right in saying communication is key.

Recently I watched the movie “The Invention of Lying.” In the world of the movie, people tell the truth, and say what’s on their mind, pretty much no matter what. If you ask someone if they like your new shirt and they hate it, they’ll tell you. If you make someone nervous when you’re around, you’ll hear about it. Parts of such a world has some appeal.

Because so often communication isn’t what it should be. The real message gets lost in transmission, somewhere between the mouth of one person and the ears of the other. Or maybe the fingers and the eyes, seeing as this digital world we live in gives us gads of ways to communicate. So we never really say what we mean to, either because we try and fail, or maybe we never try at all.

Communication isn’t easy. There’s risk involved, chances that things will go wrong. Maybe you’ll say what you meant to, in just the way you wanted to, but the other person will interpret it differently. Or maybe they’ll interpret it correctly, but not react in the way you had hoped. Not react at all, or react too harshly. All sorts of things might go wrong.

Yet not communicating is almost a non-option. Even if you choose tiptoe around a certain topic, the avoidance speaks volumes. (and usually not good ones) Not talking rarely, if ever, solves anything. It might be easier, in ways, but eventually…something has to give. Silence can eat you.

Dishonest communication doesn’t do much good either though. I think a common problem is that people don’t want to ruffle feathers, to shake things up in the hope of them getting better, that they don’t do anything. That, or when something does get brought up they gloss over it. “Oh no, I wasn’t offended by that, it’s fine.” “Don’t worry about it, it’s like I’ve already forgotten!” Yea, cause THAT’S helpful. Not.

Maybe if we were all a little more honest, and a little less afraid of communicating, things could look a lot different.

Til next time…



One thought on “The Key of Communicating

  1. Good words, Brianna. I was just contemplating honesty. I value it more than most anything else, and yet, there seems to be a time and place for it? How odd. non-communication is certainly not an option for me. But there are times where preservation of someone else’s spirit becomes more important. Finding that balance, though…good gracious. One honest moment at a time, I suppose.

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