I kind of like the idea of blame. Even if it rightfully falls on me, at least I can point to myself and say, “I’m the reason this is messed up, or hard, or broken. It’s my fault.” Of course, I prefer to put the blame on others, but that’s often not fair. In most situations the blame falls at least partly on each side.

But what about when it doesn’t? When things are just hard, not because anybody did anything wrong, but just because that’s the way it is right now. There’s no clear-cut beginning of when it became that way, and no point in time when you can say, “This is when things will be better.” Blame doesn’t really come into the equation, because things are messed up because…that’s the way they are.

As Mrs. Yoast says in the movie Remember the Titans, “Sometimes life’s just hard, for no reason at all.”

And, well, when those times come right up and greet you with a handshake, you’d much rather give them a hand…right across the face.

Can I choose to just blame life?

Til next time…


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