Trusting Okay

Supposedly the older you get, the more you’re supposed to know.

Lately I haven’t really been finding that to be true.

Because sometimes even things you thought you knew don’t really seem to hold true.

Or, things that you KNOW to be true don’t always FEEL very true. And that is a very difficult place to be. How much are you supposed to feel something anyway though? When is knowing enough? Or is it ever? That age-old battle of heart versus head rages on.

I suppose that, so very often, it comes down to trust. To trust that things will be okay, or at least some form of okay. To know that I am held by a God that is much greater than I will ever know, who moves in ways I cannot understand. That his definition of okay might not always be the same, and that, in itself…is okay.

It’s okay to trust in…okay.

Til next time…



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