Lump of Decision

Indecision and I are probably too close of friends. Even a seemingly simple decision of picking out a new package of pens can involve lots of deliberation and back and forth. (although when you consider my affinity for pens, pencils, and stationary products, perhaps my indecision in such matters is more understandable) All the same, making quick decisions is not my strongest suit.

There is something good about this, I suppose. I tend to weigh the options, pros and cons, think it over, try to decide what’s going to be best. It has its downfalls, too…I have a tendency to put too much thought into fairly inconsequential matters, such as which package of pens to buy.

The real problem comes though when the list of pros and cons feels equally weighted. When a decision must be made, and neither option feels like it means winning. Not making the decision is hardly an option, seeing as it is, in its way, already making a decision.

It gets even worse when it feels like the type of thing that shouldn’t really even need to be decided, yet somehow here you are. You sit in front of the lump of decision, maybe stand up and walk around it, examining it from all sides. You look at it, poke it, hoping it will move along and go bother someone else, but it remains. You ask it, “How did you get here?” Or perhaps, more accurately, you ask it of yourself. How? Why? And you question the decision, politely asking it to please carry on and stop bothering you. Maybe kick it out of frustration. Because it’s not going anywhere, and although you may want to, you know you must stay. The decision must be made.

Eventually, you choose. And the decision gets up, shakes itself off, and moves out of the way, allowing you to carry on down the path and see what life will be like once the decision has been made.

Goodbye indecision.


Til next time…


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