Lurking Redemption

God certainly has a sense of humor. His doesn’t always match up with mine, but I can’t deny that it’s there.

Rarely, if ever, is redemption thought of as a funny thing. In the realm of Christianity, it’s a large, not entirely comprehensible topic. Boiled down the term redemption means bought back, or set free. It can also mean restored, renewed, or brought back to its original state.

The glorious thing is that redemption doesn’t just apply to me in terms of my personal redemption. Redemption is possible for all the brokenness in the world. Albert Wolters writes in his book Creation Regained, “Nothing in the world ought to be despaired of. Hope is grounded in the constant availability and the insistent presence of the good creation, even in those situations in which it is being terribly violated.”

And that is where God is seeming to find his humor.

Because I forget about redemption sometimes. I have thrown in the towel, thought that restoration was out of the realm of possibility.

Nope. God says I don’t have to throw in the towel, because there is hope for redemption for everything. It may be tempting, even easier, to give up, and to stop hoping for redemption. But just because we may stop hoping doesn’t mean that redemption may not be lurking around the corner. It may not jump out right away, or even at all–but there is reason to always hope that it is.

And oh, the hope of that lurking redemption…yea, it’s kinda funny.

Til next time…




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