Add It All Up

What if you hadn’t worn that shirt today? Or that dress?

Or you watched a different movie?

Or never remembered to look up that website?

Things might be quite different. Then again, they might be exactly the same. It’s tough to say. You just never know what’s going to make a difference and what isn’t. And sometimes, I wish that things would’ve happened differently. That the timing of things could’ve been different, maybe. He or she would’ve said something nicer. That certain song wouldn’t have played right then. I wouldn’t have noticed the stain on my shirt. The Mountain Dew would’ve helped me stay awake a little longer. The list could go on and on.

But, for whatever God’s reasons are, things didn’t happen in the different way maybe I would’ve liked them to.

It makes you think about how important some of the small stuff is. Sure, maybe I noticed a stain on my shirt, and maybe I mentioned it to the person sitting next to me, and it starts a conversation. Or doesn’t start a conversation. Perhaps you smiled at someone in a store, and that smile was just what they needed right then and there. Little things, that can maybe add up to something bigger.

I’ve been attending my church for a while now…I started going early last fall. The story of how I found it is one I can only call a God-thing. The pastor came into the ice cream store/coffee shop where I worked, looking for the owner. She wasn’t there, so I got him his coffee, and as he paid he took the time to ask a little about me, if I went to school, etc and so forth. He left some information for my boss about an event the church was holding, and, being slightly nosy, I looked at the website listed on his business card. And looked it up when I got home. And went a few weeks later.

And now I go there. People there know me, I know them, I’m involved in a couple of things there…all because I happened to be working that day when my pastor came in.

Seemingly little things, that add up to something greater.

Til next time…


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