Crock Pots and Microwaves

I know this season is called summer, but I think mine is also called waiting.

What for, exactly? I don’t know. An elusive Something. But I’ve been waiting, and don’t have much of a choice but to continue to do so.

Waiting and patience are not my strong suits. I’m much more of a microwave type of person…2 minutes, there’s dinner!

Unfortunately, sometimes I am forced to wait.

Like for a crock pot.

In the end, it’s worth it, but boy is that hard to see sometimes.

No wasted words this time.

Til next time…


2 thoughts on “Crock Pots and Microwaves

  1. When I saw this entry I was reminded of a Bible Study we did with your parents on the Beatitudes. Ask your parents if they remember how crock pots and chocolate chip cookies relate to hungering and thirsting after righteousness. Sometimes waiting produces the desired results while our impatience creates dissatisfaction!

  2. I used to hate when my mom decided to do a crock pot dinner for Sunday’s meal. Oh, I loved it at about 2pm, but it meant that right before we left for church, I saw all of the yummy ingredients go in for a long morning of slow cooking. What do you think was on my mind while we were at church? Slow cooked, tender, and perfectly seasoned meat, potatoes, and vegi’s. Almost just as bad was getting home from church and STILL HAVING TO WAIT at least another hour to eat. I never asked myself the question, “was it worth it.” I just ate until I couldn’t fit one more bite into my belly.

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