Grocery Store Gatherings

Grocery stores fascinate me.

I don’t tend to spend a ton of time in them, but I get an odd pleasure out of it when I do. If you’re paying attention, there’s almost an underground sense of community lurking in them…people of all shapes and sizes and walks of life, gathering under one roof with their lists in hand, choosing the items they need and want to make their lives continue on in some state of normality. Aisles can be incredibly overwhelming, with the vast array of sizes and colors and flavors of products to choose from.

In a way, grocery stores remind us we are not alone. Although it’s possible to go through your shopping trip without truly interacting with anyone due to the prevalence of self checkouts, you can’t really help but notice all the people. Going about their lives, picking up their items, talking on their cell phones, etc and so forth.

It goes deeper than the people you see at the store though. All those products come from somewhere, are made or packaged by someone, are loaded on and off trucks by someone, stocked onto shelves by someone…it’s mind-boggling to think of all the people that have helped that product get into your cart. We may be able to avoid interaction at the store, but we aren’t nearly as self-sufficient as we sometimes like to think we are. Without all the people working in the background, you’d never have the chance to enjoy that potato chip or wash your hair with that shampoo. It all comes down to people.

As I’ve heard, no man is an island. Indeed.

Til next time…


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