The Importance of Timing

What would life be like if all the same things occurred, but in a different order?

I met all the same people, went on the same trips, to the same schools, etc and so forth, but the order was…tweaked a little. Say I didn’t meet that person until a day later, or I read such and such book three months earlier, or left the parking lot two minutes later. How different would my life be?

I’m thinking quite a lot. As the saying goes, “It all comes down to timing.” And it’s true. Whether it’s good or bad, timing has a lot to do with just about everything. It can be frustrating to look back and realize that things could have gone differently, maybe more the way you would have liked them to, if only the timing had been different. Or other times something happens and it seems to be just exactly when you need it. For me this often seems to take the shape of a conversation, book, class or sermon that shows up in front of my face and seems to say, “Pay attention! This is what you’ve been looking for, or at the very least what you SHOULD be looking for!”

Those moments can be a fascinating mixture of lovely and irritating. Because sometimes I’m not ready to hear things or to begin to deal with them. It is irritating to be reminded of the things I need to work on when I am least ready to do just that. Yet other times I am reminded of truths that I have…not forgotten exactly, but put to the side for the time being. God has a way of orchestrating things to remind me of these truths at crucial moments that blows my mind sometimes. I forget that his time is nothing like my own–it’s not even a timeLINE, but something beyond what I can understand. His way of organizing events in my life has an order all its own, even if I can’t see or understand it.

To pretend that this is a well-organized and super meaningful post would be ridiculous. It is simply a snippet of what’s been rolling around in my head today as I’ve been pondering the timing of life, and therefore I felt compelled to write about it, because that’s what I do. Therefore, I hope you will not despair of my less than stellar work and will continue to join me for the next round of Brianna’s random verbiage.

Til next time…


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