Wireless Missing

Our wireless router went out this weekend. This means that, for the first time since getting my laptop 2 summers ago, I am without wireless Internet access in the place where I am currently living. In a large sense, not that big of a deal.

But it’s strange, suddenly not having something that I have become so accustomed to. I use an internet radio site called Grooveshark for my music pretty much all the time, and that is no longer an option. There’s a decent chance I would’ve watched a TV show online sometime this weekend, but I couldn’t do that either. Little things, but it’s just been odd to not have those options.

As often happens, the situation has gotten me thinking. More specifically, thinking about missing. In this instance I had gotten so used to having wireless Internet that it didn’t really occur to me how much I would miss it if it weren’t there. Now it’s gone, with no guarantee of when it will return. It will, but the time frame is unknown.

The scenario is similar to some situations where I miss something…be it a person, situation, trip, etc. Sometimes I am just without whatever the something is for a time, but I know that, at some point, I shall be reunited with whatever “it” is. Other times though the missing is much more permanent, because things can’t ever be the way they used to. No matter how hard I wish it, I can’t turn back time.

Therefore, I miss. Seeing as I seem to have more emotions than the average person, or at the very least I am more aware of mine, I am often acutely aware of the feeling of missing. I would go so far as to say there are times when I can miss what might have been—the sense of missing a possibility that is now, for whatever reason, no longer possible. It is a frustrating thing, to be so aware of absences.

Yet here I am. Stuck with my missing, looking at it and wishing to bid it adieu. But that’s just the thing…missing is something that can linger for a long time. I suppose it’s a matter of looking back when I could, and should, be looking forward.

Only I would end up writing a thoughtful blog post about a wireless router going out…haha.

Til next time…


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