A Little Dose of Magic

I’ve been re-immersing myself in the world of Harry Potter of late. Over Christmas break I finally read all the books, and have been slowly, and out of order, working my way through the movies.

Now part of this stems from me naturally having a pretty good imagination, but I find myself wishing the world we inhabit had a bit more of a magical quality to it. Things in Harry Potter land always seem to be much more interesting than life as I know it. When nearly everyone you interact with does magic, there’s just no telling what might happen. In the real world, where objects don’t move across the room into your waiting hand, people don’t get around on flying broomsticks, and giant spiders don’t talk, things just seem…rather mundane.

But then there’s that darker side of Harry Potter land as well. The people who use their impressive magical prowess for evil. That stuff I could definitely do without…they add excitement, to be sure, but it is excitement tinged with fear and uncertainty.

So I suppose I would want to be very selective about the type of magical things that could happen. Some of it just seems downright practical. To be honest, I have tried a summoning spell to get something from the other side of the room when I didn’t feel like getting up, and I would wager that I am not alone in this. (It didn’t work of course, nor did I expect it to, but I figured I had nothing to lose in trying, haha) On days when nothing exciting seems to be happening, I could go for a little dose of magic.

Here’s to continuing to try summoning spells, even though we know it’s futile…

Til next time…


p.s. This isn’t my best work, I know. Perhaps it’s odd to throw that out there, but I’d rather be straight up about it. At the very least I hope it was a smidge entertaining. If not, well, we’ll hope for better things next time. =)

One thought on “A Little Dose of Magic

  1. You know what I love about this? While it might not be “your best” it is real. And if I had a dollar for every time I wanted a spell to aid my laziness….

    I would have enough money to pay someone to get my remote.

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