Defining a New Normal

I’ve finished my classes. The papers have been handed it, presentations been given, exams have all been taken. Last week I moved home for the summer, and started working my summer hours at my current job. Yesterday I went to church, had grilled food for lunch, and this evening I walked to the library for the first, but definitely not the last, time of the summer. My schedule for  the rest of the week has already filled up quite rapidly–some work, some shopping, some hanging out, and so forth. Yesterday when I thought about my week ahead I wondered if I would get bored, and suddenly I’m wondering if the school stress that has finally melted away will simply be replaced by summer-type stress.

This past semester one of my profs once mentioned that we had better enjoy college, because it will be the least busy time of our lives. I made an audible squeak of chagrin, because my life during school was incredibly busy. Surely once I graduate and get a job my life will be less busy than when I have work and class and am living around gads of people that I nearly always want to be hanging out with, right?

I think I was wrong in that thought though. Life is always busy; it’s just a matter of what kind of busy. Summer brings about a new busy, and I’m in that semi-awkward state of finding a new normal. Many of the people I hang out with when I’m at home aren’t around yet, so once they’re all back I’m sure I’ll get even busier…in a good, social way, but still busy. There are so many things I want to get done…going to various places, certain activities, a painting project, and I’m even contemplating undertaking the making of a blanket using some of my old t-shirts. We’ll see.

As I’ve mentioned before, change is not my strong suit. So defining a new normal is a bit of a struggle for me. It is an adjustment to move home, to be around my family more but my school friends less, to use my “home” toothbrush and sleep in my “home” bed, to be able to make my own food when I want it.

Of course, there are other differences about being home again. There are things that I have learned the necessity of letting go, even though it’s not easy. It’s time to define a new normal.

Except normal isn’t constant. Things are always changing. My normal is always evolving. So perhaps my normal is change. Eesh.

Til next time…


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