Lessons from Life’s Classroom

This school year has been rough. There always seemed to be something going on, both in my life and in the lives of those around me. It was a brutal year, filled with far more tears than I had anticipated. As I embarked upon this school year and thought about how it would go, I thought of a lot of different scenarios…most of which didn’t come true.

God nearly always has ways that are different than ours. The people, experiences, joy and hurt this school year had in hold took me by surprise–sometimes in good ways, and more often than I would have liked in bad ways. Yet as I think back on it, I can now realize that I have learned a LOT. I can think of about 20 different ways that would have been more enjoyable ways to learn these lessons, but God knows what he’s doing even when I don’t.

So here it is. A brief summary of what I have been learning. (some more serious than others) Not that I think I have learned these lessons perfectly, because that is far from the truth. As always, I am a work in progress.

I am learning…

There are things worth fighting for.

There are some things that are not worth fighting for. It can be painful (excruciatingly so), but it is ok, and even necessary, to let go at times.

Butter can go bad. (it grows blue fuzz and smells weird)

It is not a sin to be sad.

Ghost riding is slightly dangerous, but ridiculously fun. (if you don’t know what ghost riding is, look it up and this will make much more sense)

Beauty can be hidden in sadness.

Delicious s’mores can be made with Peeps, chocolate chips, cinnamon graham crackers, and a blow dryer.

When you need people, God has a way of putting them there.

Dancing in parking lots is a perfectly legitimate college kid activity.

Car crashes that are not your fault suck.

Friends ask, and listen for the answer.

Edible orchids taste kinda like lettuce. In others words, they don’t taste like much.

People will fail you. Repeatedly.

You will fail people. Repeatedly. (read that a couple more times)

Rain dances rarely actually work.

It is not a sin to be happy in the midst of pain.

Trust is hard.

Kraft mac n’ cheese is best. Meijer brand just can’t compare.

Music is powerful. Immensely so.

If there is an opportunity for free food, almost always take it.

Playgrounds are not just for children.

Change is inevitable. (This one may take the rest of my life to fully learn and accept.)

Being the aunt of a 2 year old is awesome.

Road rash oozes. (even if it’s only a spot about the size of a quarter. It’s decently disgusting.)

Reheated macaroni and cheese still does not taste good, even if you are monetarily challenged.

Holding babies makes thing seem better.

It’s hard to say goodbye to a car you weren’t ready to get rid of.

Playing Angry Birds while working out is a great way to make time go by faster.

Writing helps me think.

A church that makes you feel important is an amazing blessing.

It’s not easy to be what you said you’d be.

Harry Potter rocks.

That class you think might be the end of you? It might actually not be.

Other people don’t know what’s best for you.

There is loveliness in a book or movie you already know the ending to.

The Psalms are fantastic.

I truly enjoy my major.

You will get hurt.

Shenanigans can be great fun.

Facebook chat often stops working at crucial moments.

There is much more to be learned in college than that which is learned in the classroom.

Of course, this is only a sampling of what I have been learning. Maybe I’ll add to this at another point, or maybe not. I’m sure God has many more lessons for me to learn this summer and next school year, which will bring about their own joys and sorrows. To say that I look forward to continue learning some of the stuff I have been would be a bit of a stretch, but sometimes we aren’t given an option in such things. We are handed lessons, and can choose to learn from them or ignore them. So here’s to learning.

Props to you if you made it through all of that. =) I know this was a lengthy one.

Til next time…


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