Fairly Unfair

Where does the idea of “fair” come from?

When we’re little, we seem to think things should be fair. We should get the same number of cookies as our friend at snack time, or we should get to stay up just as late as our older sister. If not, we complain, “It’s not fair.”

At what point do we get this notion ingrained into us that things ought to be fair? Because nothing can ever truly be fair, and if things were fair we’d be complaining that this is not what we meant when we asked for fairness. Fair in the sense of the world would be hunger, illness, heartache, and every broken thing imaginable. That would be fair.

Yet I struggle with wanting things to be fair, and find myself frustrated when they’re not. Perhaps it’s partly just human nature to want what other people have, but somehow I feel like I should be better than that. After all, I am a Christian, and I KNOW that life isn’t fair, so shouldn’t I be above wanting things to be so?


God makes a lot of promises in the Bible, but he never promises that things will be fair, or easy, or painless. That’s not how it works.

Being reminded of it just…kinda blows sometimes.

I suppose there’s a lesson to be learned in this. I could probably write about how even though things aren’t fair God knows what he’s doing, and although he may not give us what we want, he’ll give us what we need.

But right now, I don’t really feel like writing that. Because sometimes things are just unfair, and it hurts. And that’s where I am right now. So be it.

Here’s to cheerier skies ahead…

Til next time…


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